Manage your fleet with Systrack With the Systrack vehicle tracking device, monitor Where, When, how many litres of your Fuel have been stolen? How many litres have you consumed? Where, When the vehicle is in idling state? How many litres have been wasted in idling?
We setup and manage Mail Servers Sysnet uses the oZimbra collaboration suite which provides an innovative experience designed to manage large inboxes, has robust collaboration, works with all desktops and devices, reduces administration complexity.
Software Development Website Designing & Hosting
CCTV Camera Surveillance Install & Monitor
"Satellite" Internet Sysnet Internet is one of the fastest, reliable internet in Uganda today. Our internet is based on Wimax and it reaches all parts of Kampala. We have packages to suit every one, ranging from personal to corporate. For more Information call our support Staff.
"Reliable" WebHosting We have different prices packages for your hosting needs contact our support staff for more information.
Live Audio and Video STREAMING At Sysnet Solutions, We use a digital receiver to get your radio waves. then we encode them and send them to the servers in our server-room. A Player linked to our servers will be put on your website so that your listeners just have to open your website and listen to radio
Web & Local Servers Outsourcing your data center operations to a colocation services provider is the smart thing to do in today's sharply competitive business environment.
Sysnet saves you dollars each year not to mention the bother of spending time and energy towards ensuring the optimum performance of your server and your network.
Microwave & Fibre Internet Sysnet helps your business share its information and IT resources by managing your workstations, computer networks and Internet and email requirements.

Sysnet, leaders in Enterprise ICT solutionsGet ideal returns on your ICT investment.

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